Neuroshare Tools

Neuroshare is a standard API to access data in proprietary formats, which is supported by many vendors. We develop a number of tools to facilitate data access through Neuroshare.

All tools are open source and available through the G-Node GitHub repository

Python Bindings for the Neuroshare API
Matlab Bindings for the Neuroshare API

  • Access Neuroshare compatible files directly from Python or from Matlab, respectively
  • Automatically detects file types and loads the corresponding neuroshare libraries
  • High-level API that hides the details of the underlying C library


A library to use Neuroshare Libraries for Microsoft Windows on Unix(-like) systems

  • Support for Linux and Mac OS X
  • Compatible with any 32bit Windows Neuroshare library
  • Works transparently in the background
  • Automatically selects which library to use for a given file


A Neuroshare to HDF5 Converter: Converts any data file in a format that is supported by Neuroshare to the HDF5 format.


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