Tools and Services

G-Node provides various services and tools to facilitate data access, data management, and data sharing.

Research Data Management and Sharing

The G-Node data infrastructure services, GIN (RRID:SCR_015864), provide a platform for comprehensive management of scientific data, offering versioning, secure remote access, access control for sharing data with collaborators, and services for publishing data. G-Node is a DataCite Data Center and can provide Digital Object Identifiers for hosted datasets. GIN is recommended by Nature Scientific Data and PLOS as repository for Neuroscience data.

If you have specific data management or data sharing requirements that cannot be dealt with using our standard services, please contact us at


Data Storage and Access

NIX  -  File Format for Neuroscientific Data

Starting from the work of the work of the INCF Program on Standards for Data Sharing we developed NIX (RRID:SCR_016196), a file format that uses highly generic models for experimental data and metadata, and defines a standard schema for HDF5 files representing these models (Stoewer et al 2014). Version 1.4 is available with libraries for C++ on Windows and Linux, as well as Python, Matlab and Java bindings.


Neuroshare Tools

Neuroshare is a standard API to access data in proprietary formats, which is supported by many vendors. We develop a number of tools to facilitate data access through Neuroshare, such as


Data Objects for Neurophysiology

We are involved in the development of NEO, python objects for neurophysiology data that could serve as a common object model for neurophysiology.


Data Annotation

odML  -  flexible metadata format

In a collaboration with people from the Bernstein Center Munich and the University of Tübingen we develop a standard metadata format for data annotation in electrophysiology, odML (RRID:SCR_001376), which accounts for the variety of experimental approaches by providing flexibility in terms of the information that is stored (Grewe et al 2011).

Terminologies for Electrophysiology
are part of the odML metadata approach. Using a common terminology facilitates data sharing and reproducibility of experiments. We invite the community to provide input and feedback.


Hosted Services and Collaborations

Cocomac 2

We support the continued development of Rolf Kötter's Database of Cortical Connectivity in the Macaque and host an new version of the database with improved features and an improved interface at (The original Cocomac database will continue to be available at

Spike Sorting Validation

In a collaboration with people from the Bernstein Center Berlin and the Norwegian INCF Node we are setting up a web site for the validation of spike sorting methods. This site provides benchmark datasets and automatically evaluates the sorting results uploaded by users who want to benchmark their spike sorting methods.


This site provides extensions for Spyke-Vierwer, A data analysis platform for electrophysiology and neural simulation data, developed by Robert Pröpper at the Bernstein Center Berlin.


A web interface to the NEST simulator, presented as a systems identification challenge. Developed by people from the Bernstein Center Freiburg.

NeuroDebian mirror

G-Node is hosting a repository mirror for NeuroDebian, a turnkey software platform for neuroscience that is created by integrating research tools with the Debian operating system.


Conference abstracts

G-Node offers services for submission, management and online publication of conference abstracts.



G-Node runs and supports different training activities in Neuroinformatics, such as

  Short and Advanced Courses on Neural Data Analysis

and the course on

  Scientify Programming in Python.

We are also involved in the INCF activities to promote training in neuroinformatics.

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