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Though we want to make as little restrictions as possible the automatic handling of metadata, especially after some years have past or when it comes to sharing the data with collaborators, some conventions on the terms used are not only convenient but rather a prerequisite.

For this purpose we define so called terminologies which contain names and definitions of metadata items that should be used, if appropriate.

The terminologies are also under development. However, for a given version, we will make only minor corrections to existing properties or may add new properties. Existing properties, will not be removed or altered in their definitions in this version.

How to use:

The terminologies (see below) generally define the names of properties not their content. In very few cases we also define "values". This is mainly the case if the occurence of a certain property value requires more properties for further specification. One example for this would be the switching frequency on an amplifier used in an electrophysiological experiment. This property is only meaningful if the amplifier was used in in a discontinuous operation mode.

  • Please understand these names as suggestions!
  • Thus, if you find a property definition fitting your needs please use it.
  • Otherwise simply create your own properties.
  • These may not be recognized by other tools but your metadatum is stored!
  • If you further find that the just created property is of general interest please provide a definition and do not hesitate to send it to us. We would be happy to include it.

For a list of so far defined terminologies see here.

Terminologies, as well as all software is hosted on our GitHub pages


We would be happy to receive feedback, critique or suggestions.

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