We offer several tools to handle odml-files. Please note that all these are under development and may not be up to date. In case you experience difficulties please let us know.

All sources can be found in our GitHub repositories.



The collection of metadata should start as early and as automated as possible! Ideally already during the recording of experimental data.

To fascilitate this, we offer libraries in some programming languages that allow an easy implementation of metadata handling into the tools used for data acquisition, analysis etc.


... under development but not yet available, sorry.


The Java library is our reference implementation and testbed. It  comes as a single Java Archive (jar) file that also contains the sources and a Javadoc documentation. For more general information please refer to the Reference Manual in the documentation section.

A jar as well as the source code can be found here.

Note: Again, this is a development version! It is functional but maybe there are some hidden bugs. In case you find some, please let us know.



Embedding odML handling into Matlab is based on the Java library which can be imported into Matlab and directly used. The Matlab package comes as a zip archive that contains the Java library as well as some functions for the configuration and the transformation of odml-files into Matlab structures. To use odML with Matlabe simply download the matlab odml-archive and extract the files into a folder of your choice. Add the folder to the Matlab classpath.



Python odML support comes along with an editor to graphically edit odML files. You can use the library without installing the editor (see the readme).


The python library can be found here.



The editor is part of the python library.  It can be found here. It runs under Linux, Windows and MacOS X. For installation follow the guidelines in the readme file.


XML Schema

The schema can be used to structurally validate odml - files.




These stylesheets transform odml to html for viewing them in a browser. Note: For security reasons most browsers will refuse to apply stylesheets that are not from the same source as the original file. Thus, the stylesheets have to reside in the same folder as the files that should be displayed.

There are two stylesheets:

  1. To view actual metadata files use the:
  2. To view terminologies use the:









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